Thursday, 30 March 2017

A long day at Long Bay!

On Tuesday we visited Long Bay, to learn more about the ecosystems on the rocky shore. In addition to sea creatures we saw pukekos, bunnies, ducks and a white-faced heron! Here are some excerpts from the children's stories about what they saw, and some photos - kindly shared by our fabulous parent helpers. 

When we were at the rock pools we were looking for some interesting sea creatures when out of the corner of my eye I saw a starfish. It was blue and on the bottom of it it was all spiky. It was alive and I even saw it move. I didn't touch it because it was really spiky.

by Ava

When we finally got to the rock pools the first thing I saw was a tiny crab. The crab was greyish black with tiny spots on it. It had claws that were very tiny. I also saw a shrimp. The shrimp was translucent with red stripes all over it. I saw it camouflage. It camouflaged with the rock.
by Alannah

On Tuesday my class went to Long Bay. First we went to the rock pools but on the way there we crossed a river. We can't go over it, we can't go under it, we have to go through it! Splash, splosh, splash, splosh.

by George

The sea snail looked black and there was water inside the sea snail, and it looked like it was vomiting on me. We were putting the sea snails back because they were meant to be wet so they don't die.

by Jacob

We headed to the rock pools across the river. When we went across the river I sprinted like a lion was chasing me across the Long Bay river, and it was long! When we got to the rock pools I instantly wanted to climb but first I had to dry off. My feet were drowning in salty, sandy water from the Cosmo

I saw the shrimp darting backwards and forwards. I saw a starfish slowly moving down. The shrimp looked whitish. The starfish looked like it had orange tentacles with pink! I was really interesting!by Paea

Next I was looking in a shady place when I saw something shaped like a star. It did not do anything, it was frozen on the rocks. I felt was spongy. Suddenly I realised it was a starfish! They were so amazing, I wanted to stay Zara

I could hear everyone screaming then we got into a big stream. I could hear all the water splashing up into my shoes and the mud squelching into the little holes, squelch, squelch. I went to the other side. The mud had got Flynn

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