Monday, 3 April 2017

Hongbao Time!

There has been excitement in our Chinese class lately, as we exchanged letters with children from Remuera Primary. The letters were written partly in English and partly in Chinese, and they were delivered in "hongbao" - handmade red envelopes used on special occasions. Here are some photos of the class opening and reading their hongbao...

Alongside the fun of reading real information about other kids in Chinese, Guan-laoshi used the hongbao to teach us some useful Chinese language. Oliver has written a little report about this...

by Ollie
Today for Chinese we were learning how to say when we do have a hongbao envelope and how to say when we don't have a hongbao envelope. We also learned how to say "Do you have a hongbao envelope?". I hope everybody in the class loves Chinese. We got 3 minutes of game time.

and here's some video of speakers in action!

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