Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Down in the Park (2)

Here are some more reflections on the trip to Waitaramoa Reserve...

At Waitaramoa Reserve I saw a little blue bird called a pukeko and a butterfly. A black thing surprised me.
By Takumi

The first interesting thing I saw was a bee.It had black stripes and a little tiny tail. I think bees are primary counsumers. The bees wrere making honey. Thesecond intresting thing Isaw was a eel. The eel was eating fish.I t was long and brown and fat. I even saw a tiny mouth.
I think they are secondery consumers. I want to learn more about eels.
By Kingston

When I went to Waitaramoa Reserve I saw a feather. It was dark black. It had bugs on it. It had white on the bottom right. It looked like a heron feather. The leafhopper was brown with little dots. It eats plants. It is a primary consumer. I was surprised that they dart fast.
By Ethan

Yesterday we went on a trip. I saw a pukeko. It was blue and black and his beak was read. The pukeko has wings. He was at the top of the tree. I also saw a ladybird. It was blue with black spots. The ladybird was on the leaves and I saw a moth!
By Fiona

The first thing I saw was a leaf hopper. I think they are primary consumers in the food chain. Nother interesting thing I saw were ducks. I reckon they are secondary consumers because they eat insects and plants. I wonder what eats ducks?
By Holly

The first thing I saw was a butterfly and a fish. The fish was swimming really fast and the butterfly was sitting on a daisy. The thing that surprised me was the fish. I never knew that fish could swim in swamps.
By Lottie

When we were walking across the wood I saw fishes in the water and an eel. The fish is eaten by the eel.By William

On the trip I saw a swan plant with no caterpillars on it, and only wasps. I thought that the wasps had eaten all the caterpillars. A caterpillar is a primary consumer and a wasp is a secondary consumer. I was surprised by a spider because he made an amazing web. It nearly looked like a net.
By Atalia

The interesting things that I saw are an eel and a bee. Something that surprised me was that I saw a very black bird and that its wings were long. I wonder how bees make honey?
By Francesca

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