Thursday, 15 February 2018

What's happening in Maths?

We have been learning about different ways to collect, record and present information. We've been learning about how to make tally charts and graphs, and we chose our own question to investigate. We had to survey the whole class!

We presented our results on a bar graph...

And we looked at each other's graphs to see what we could learn, e.g.

"Kelan's graph shows me that soccer and swimming are the most popular sports in Rm 21. It also tells me that cricket is the least popular in Rm 21. I am really surprised that handball isn't that popular!" (Isabel A)

"Sophie's graph shows me that tigers are the most popular animals and fish are the least popular." (Fin)

The completed graphs and comments will be displayed in the classroom next week so please come by and have a look.

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