Monday, 11 September 2017

Fun with Punctuation!

Recently we have been learning about how to punctuate speech. We used a video prompt to write some imaginary conversations - here's the prompt and some of our writing.

The Sneaky Animals
by Flynn

"Shall we jump on the tramp?" the first fox whispered. "Yes we should jump on the tramp,"sneered the other one, "Jump to the moon!" Just then a badger appeared. "Can I come in?" he whispered. The badger jumped pn the tramp. From the living room the dog was watching all the animals jump on the tramp. "Can I go on the tramp?" he growled.

The Sneaky Animals
by Sierra

"Can we play on the trampoline?" the first fox whined quietly. "Are you sure?" the second fox growled back. The two foxes started leaping. Boing! No one expected a badger to appear. "May I jump with ya?" the badger asked shyly. The badger crawled in. The first fox started bouncing. Then the second fox. The badger looked at both of them. Then he started jumping. Meanwhile, in the house the dog was watching. "Grrr..." he growled, "How dare they not let moi out?"

Outside, a squirrel and a hedgehog joined too. They leaped like show offs. Then...whoops! The squirrel fell on top of the hedgehog. The next morning, the girl ran out to see the tramp. But when she got out her jaw dropped. The people passing by, their jaws dropped. The girl's mum and dad, their jaws dropped. Everyone who saw it, their jaws dropped. The dog was leaping and jumping on the tramp! The girl stood there in shock when she watched the dog leaping. And that's the end of the story...

The SneakyAnimals
by Minako

"Let's play," whispered the first fox. "It might be dangerous," replied the other fox. The little foxes started to jump happily. Boing! Just then, a badger appeared. "Can I come in?" whispered the badger. The badger jumped on the trampoline happily. From the living room, the dog was watching them jump. "That is my trampoline," the dog thought. On the next day the dog ran to the trampoline. Boing! Boing! Boing! The dog jumped happily ever after.

The Sneaky Animals
by Cosmo
"What is that thing?" the fox thought. "I dunno," whispered the other fox, "Looks fun!"
They both scurried toward the tramp. the first fox climbed on and bounced, "Boing!" A badger emerged from the bushes. "Can I come on?" asked the badger. "I guess," whined a fox. Meanwhile in the house, the dog snarled at them. "Get off!" he thought. Two squirrels went on and a hedgehog pounced with joy. In the morning the little girl rushed outside and ran straight for the trampoline. Just when she was going to hop on...the dog hopped on.

The Sneaky Animals
by Chloe
"I want to play on the trampoline!" one fox cried. "Ok," the other fox replied. So the two foxes jumped on the trampoline. Boing! Just at that moment a badger appeared. "Can I play with you?" the badger whispered. Then they all started bouncing happily, boing! Boing! Boing! Meanwhile in a bright house a dog thought, "How dare they jump on my trampoline?" The dog grouched. Then suddenly a bunch of little animals came...

The Sneaky Animals
by Zara
Shall we go on it?" the first fox asked. "Ok," the other fox whispered. Tentatively the two foxes started jumping, boing! Just then, a curious badger poked his nose inside. "May I come in?" the badger asked. Happily, the badger joined in bouncing with the foxes. "Grrrr," the dog, meanwhile, was watching them from the house. "I want to play too!" the dog growled.

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