Thursday, 28 September 2017

Birds of Paradise

This week we ventured out to look at one of the most spectacular plants in the school garden, the bird of paradise. 

We observed the flowers, and imagined what sort of personalities these "birds" might have. We wrote poems about them.

The Show-Off

by Flynn

Proudly he shows off his beak, 

and does a pose for cars passing by,

They look at the flame-coloured beak,

with a pointy end,

He snaps at cars, snap snap!

The Hunter

by Liam

Slowly he peeps through the fence,
Quickly he opens his jaws,
Strong, stout, deadly,
He's waiting for his green, sharp jaws to go,

The Poser

by Alannah

Gracefully she puffs out her feathers,
Vainly she shows off her pastel coloured beak,
Posh, silent, sneaky
Confidently she strikes a pose and thinks...

We also painted the flowers...

The results were very pretty! They will be display in the classroom next term.

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