Wednesday, 14 March 2018

On our devices...

Over the last 4-5 weeks, we've been using an app called Book Creator on the ipads during maths and reading time. We've been making book reviews and modelling 3-digit numbers on a range of materials.  We've been learning some basic skills of how to take photos and type text within this app. Here are a few examples...

For publishing written work, we use the Chromebooks and classroom iMacs. We're learning how to access our Google Drives, and how to create work within the folders on the drive. Little by little, we'll be learning about the conventions of word processing like spacing, capitalising, and underlining using Google Docs and Google Slides. Here are some examples of our first pieces of typing.


How a saxophone works

The saxophone is a woodwind instrument.This is how a saxophone works.
You first blow it with your mouth. The mouthpiece has a reed and the
reed vibrates. The saxophone has lots of pads which block the air.
When you blow it you need to push the key to change the pitch of the
sound. The saxophone is really heavy and really hard to blow.The
saxophone is a little bit different to a trombone. The saxophone has a really
big bell at the end of the saxophone.

by Beichen



A thumb piano is a percussion instrument.They have twelve keys
on them. They look like a stick. When you press the keys the keys
vibrate. The base box has two circle shaped holes. This makes the
sound waves louder .The High pitch is made by the short keys.
The low pitch is make by the long keys.

by Anne

Over the next few weeks we'll be working towards making slides about things we're doing like this - here's Sarah's first try.

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