Thursday, 22 June 2017


One of our writing prompts this week was "A time I hurt myself". It turned out to be a really accessible and interesting topic to write about! Here are a couple of examples, and the rest will be displayed in the class by the end of next week.

Getting Run Over by a Bike
by Gamu

My sister and I decided to have a race. I was not on a bike and my sister was on a bike. I said, "On your marks, get set, go!" 

I ran down and my sister pedalled as fast as she could. Suddenly, the dog next door barked loudly. I got a surprise and fell down. My sister tried to stop and ran over me.

But I got up, and told my dad the dog scared me and my sister ran over me. My knees were grazed and my hands were scraped. My sister said "Sorry," and I said, "It is ok, the dog really scared me." My dad said "It will dry." It was a very sore experience!

The Walking Dead
by Alannah

I was filled with excitement as I skipped to the playground. I was walking to the playground with my friend Alea. I was in Hong Kong!

When we got to the playground the first thing I wanted to do was go on the monkey bars! A smile spread across my face as I went bar to bar. I didn't hear my friends saying, "You're going too fast!"

Crash! "Ow!" I said as my friend's mum drove me to the hospital. My tears fell like hail. When we got to the hospital they x-rayed my arm. Finally they announced that I broke my arm! They gently put a cast on it and sent me home. Now I know that I have to take my time on the monkey bars. 

Crashing into a Rock
by Jacob

One day I was bike riding. I was at some kind of park with my Grandpa. When I wasn't looking, I crashed into a rock. Bang! Ow! My tummy was hurting. Grandpa laughed, but I felt shocked! Then I picked up my bike and went home.

Dog Bite
by Saku

When I was a baby I was at my Grandma's house. Her dog bit my face! I went to the hospital.

by Kingston

There I was, walking and playing on my dad's phone at the same time. I was going to New World, when Donk! I had just walked into the glass door of New World, like a bird. 

I felt so dizzy from my smash to my head. It had only closed 18 minutes ago. Why didn't we go before? 

I felt so embarrassed. All the staff were laughing at me, even my dad was. My cheeks blushed. I said to myself, "I wish I hadn't played on my dad's phone!"

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