Thursday, 23 February 2017

Writing and Maths

Recently we have been learning how powerful and specific verbs can help enliven our writing. We have been writing poems and recounts, and we also watched a video and tried re-telling the action in our own words. The video we watched was this one...

And here are some of the re-tellings. 

Squirrel vs Hawk

by Zara

One day in the forest a squirrel was collecting nuts when a hawk spied the squirrel and the hawk took off, swooping towards squirrel. Squirrel saw hawk chasing him and he scurried away through the dry leaves, making them rustle. The squirrel spied a tree and ran up it and jumped a massive leap onto the next tree, and he hid in a nest. Hawk landed and scraped through the leaves and squirrel fell out and bounded across the crinkly leaves. Then he ran into his home. The hawk landed on a thick branch outside. Slowly he tried to break in but he couldn't. So he swooped away. The squirrel popped its head out to see if it was safe and it was.

Squirrel vs Hawk
by Sierra

In the forest, the leaves were falling while the squirrel collected nuts from the trees. But...the hawk was there and she saw the squirrel. The squirrel hadn't seen the hawk yet but just then she saw her. The squirrel began running and leaping from tree to tree. The hawk took off, swooping down to chase the squirrel. This story is a sad story because at the end, the squirrel was safe but the hawk might have been looking for food. Anyway the squirrel hid in a pile of leaves in the tree. The hawk sat on a branch, thinking about if she should break through the pile of leaves. So she did. Soon, the squirrel fell, fell, fell. The squirrel was alright so she bounded away, always hopeful that she would not be eaten. Finally she reached her home and hid. The hawk looked inside but she didn't see the squirrel.

In maths we have started reviewing some basic facts as we get ready to start working on addition and subtraction strategies. The children test each other in pairs and we discuss patterns that we notice, and the clever ways we can add and subtract. Here are some photos of the class at work! 

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