Monday, 1 August 2016

We go to the gallery...

Last Tuesday we visited Auckland Art Gallery, as part of our Inquiry Learning into storytelling through the arts. We took part in a guided gallery session and a painting workshop, and there was some self-guided time too. A big thank-you to the parents who helped out! Here are some photos and reflections from our class.

"At Auckland Art Gallery I saw lots and lots of art work. My favourite piece was the lampshade sculpture. I really liked the video art. I though that the lampshade sculpture was really bright and original. The video was cool because you could hear them as well as see them. I wondered what all the artists were thinking when they made their art."  

"I thought it was really, really interesting. I wondered what the art was telling us. I felt interested."

"At Auckland Art Gallery I saw amazing art projects made by hand. I also liked the art videos too. I thought they put good details with the art work they did. I wondered if all the art works were really real painting."
Max H

"At Auckland Art gallery I saw pictures, some sculptures, some beautiful art work and hanging tinfoil. I thought that the art was puzzling but fun too."

"At Auckland Art gallery I saw an underwater albatross bird. I thought the hanging rocks were real rocks, not tinfoil. I wondered how they made the "Ekeko" statue have lots of accessories."

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