Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Celtic Construction!

Today we ventured out to try our hand at making huts and model houses using methods adapted from the ancient Celts. First, we read and watched videos about how the Celts made their roundhouses. We saw that they used a weaving technique to make the frames of their walls, before plastering them with we set out to have a try. We had already done quite a bit of weaving in the class with paper, wool and harakeke so we knew what we were doing!

We ran out of time before everyone could get their rooves of their roundhouses on, but the walls and door frames were certainly coming along well - as were the huts with woven walls. There was some fantastic problem-solving and teamwork happening, and people were pushing themselves out of their comfort zones to try something new. The next step for us will be to consider what it might have been like to live in a roundhouse, and to explore other aspects of Celtic life and culture and compare them with our own. Here are some photos from the afternoon.